Thursday, September 18, 2008

Training centers plays with us

If you have uploaded your resume in any job portals then beware of training centers which calls you. They will make a phone call to you and ask you to tell about yourself just like a BPO interview. They will tell you that we require trainees for hardware or software you have cleared the phone interview and attend the next round. Please don't believe these people their only intention is to make you enroll in the course for money. They will keep all the interview process just to boost up that entering the training is so much tough. But they are just deceiving you so beware. Even if you are not clearing the first round they will tell you were selected and there is only limited amount of seats so enroll today. If you see any of these companies just kick their ass and come back!! I have went for a lot of these companies but i don't want to mention there names here. So if any person calls you for an interview ask them their company name and search for the details in the Internet and then go. Don't waste your money and energy believing their seducing words.

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