Tuesday, September 30, 2008

C Programming class at AU PERS center

Today was the second class for me at AU PERS center. We reached the place by 6PM, but our staff who has to take the class was late by 20 minutes, so the classes started only at 6.30PM. Today we were taught on conditional statements and loop statements in C Programming. The class went well and our staff asked us all to write programs after teaching every concept. It was a good approach as we can understand well every syntax and there usage. He concentrated much to build up our practical knowledge apart from mugging up. Well I had a fine day today. On the way back to my home I had a nice chat with my old friend who is working in scope e in temple tower. We had a nice chat today and then I reached my home by 10PM.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Interview at Visteon

It was a nice day to be there in Olympia Technology Park. I was there to attend the first round for Visteon Technical services on Saturday. Being a core job I was eagerly waiting for the written test. The written test was for an hour and I did well and got short listed for the next round. The next round is Group Discussion, I was in the first batch and I did well in GD. The topic was 'Whom will your support? Tata Nano or Land return to farmers'. I spoke on both sides and the Group Discussion went for 20 minutes and during the last five minutes the HR asked anyone to summarize. I tried to summarize but not able to do it, another person took the chance and I don't want to interrupt him. At last they asked me to wait at the reception for the GD results. Then after 20 minutes one person came out the announced the result, out of 10 persons 4 got selected and I was happy to be one among them. Then they asked me to attend the Technical HR round on Monday at 3PM. I did well in the Technical HR round, told them about my projects and we had a good chat session, both the persons who interviewed me were great, they asked me to be free not to be tensed and it boosted my confidence. The interview was over and I was waiting at the reception for the results. They told me that they will announce the results within a day or two, hope I get selected in Visteon to continue my passion towards electronics.

Oscillator modes in PIC microcontroller

Handling oscillators while using PIC microcontroller may be simple but improper usage may lead to improper execution of the program. There are 4 oscillator modes in PIC microcontroller they are
  • HS (High Speed) - greater than 4Mhz
  • XT (Standard Crystal) - 1Mhz to 4Mhz
  • LP (Low Power) - upto 200Khz, commonly used for 32.768Khz for real time clock
  • RC (External RC) - an external resistor or capacitor is used
There are also other modes like IntRC (Internal RC) and ER (External Resistor)
If you are using IntRC mode than you can use an additional port as I/O, this is very much useful in 8 pin PIC microcontrollers.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rounds in Visteon

If you are a ECE, EEE or EIE then you can have a good career at Visteon. There are three rounds in Visteon. The first round is written test. There will be 40 questions and you have to answer them within 1 hour. The questions will be from microprocessor, basics in electronics and digital electronics. You have to mark the answers in an OMR like sheet, shading the correct options. You can strike out and mark the correct answer so don't get tensed if you have marked wrongly. The time will be enough for the first round. No negative marks so answer every questions. The second round is Group Discussion, I hope you know much details about it. The final round is HR and you will be asked only in technical side by the HR. So be well prepared about your projects, microcontroller, etc.

Why I applied for VISTEON?

One of my friend who is a mechanical engineer named vinoth mohan was eager to go to Visteon. He used to tell me about the company always when he visits my home. He asked his cousin to send details when there is a opening at Visteon. Yesterday he got a mail from his cousin that Visteon is going to conduct interview and asked him to forward his resume to the specified mail id. He was happy and came to my home to check his yahoo mail. He logged into his yahoo mail account and looked at the inbox. Seeing his cousin's name in the inbox he was happy to check the mail and started thinking of forwarding his resume to Visteon. But unfortunately the openings were only for ECE, EEE and EIE. He got disappointed looking at the requirements, but he told me to forward my resume to that mail id. That showed his good nature, I thank GOD to have a good friend like him. Then I forwarded my resume to the specified mail id and I received a mail form Visteon asking me to attend the interview.

Easy way to grab a job

Getting a job is not an easy task nowadays. You can hear today that, the IT growth is sliding down and many are loosing their jobs in IT industry, however if you have the talent then you can be sure to have a place in any company. However to make yourself employable you must be specialized in a particular field. Only then you can be sure of getting a job and secure your career. There are many places offering good educational programs that will surely help you to find a job. However you need to find the right one. Career is the best site that helps you to find out various online and offline educational programs. One of the useful information provided at Career is about the ultrasound schools. The ultrasound testing is the more accurate method to measure to care for fetus and pregnancy. There is a good career opportunity for the persons, who complete a course in an ultrasound school. A lot of such useful information is provided at Career and you can make the best use of it.

My first day in AU PERS center

I hope that you know about AU PERS center in Anna University. If you are hearing this for the first time just look at my previous post on AU PERS center. They asked me to be their at 6PM for the classes. I with my friend shiva kumar arrived at the center by 5.45PM hoping that the classes would begin at 6PM. We paid Rs.12,500 and got our receipt and hurried to the class, thinking that we would be late. But we were wrong, we waited for other students to come there and settle down.Then by 6.30PM the classes started. The first class was on C programming. The staff took the basics well. He taught us basics and my friend got frustrated hearing the same basics in C programming from his 8th standard. He was always looking at his watch to see when the clock ticked 8PM. Then at last the class was over, I had a nice day and returned home by 10.30PM.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Frustration at HP

Yesterday I got a call from Pelatis Consultancy, they asked to tell me about myself. I thought that it was a BPO and just answered them. But after sometime they asked me about my academic marks, I started to doubt because no BPO is going to ask for marks. Then I asked them, for 'which BPO I am going to attend the Interview?' They told me that there is openings in HP, but didn't told me anything about the post for which the interview is conducted. They sent me a mail and asked me to be in Olympia Technology Park by 10AM with the print out of the mail. In the mail the name of the contact person was also mentioned. I thought that the opening is for technical post so started 8AM from my home and after overcoming the traffic I went there to Olympia Technology Park at 10.10AM. There was a long queue extending from the reception counter. I stood in the queue waiting for my chance to submit my resume and attend the interview. It took about an hour to reach the reception counter, but I was happy since I have reached near to the reception counter and was eager to give my resume. But then came the problem, the security guard asked the freshers to hand over the resume and leave the place and told that they would look at the resume and call us afterwards. I just got totally frustrated, because after waiting for a long time I couldn't tolerate his announcement. I just cant fight with him alone, so gave my resume to the security guard like others and moved out from HP office. The day was a total disappointment for me. Hope they will not do such activities in future, if they think from my point of view. A company will learn a good reputation only by respecting others not by commanding others.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hurray got 'Z' Scholarship at NIIT for BJS exam!!

Hi guys I have already posted details about Bhavishya Jyothi Scholarship exam conducted by NIIT on september 19th. I booked for the exam and got my hall ticket on 19th september. My venue for exam is Ethiraj college, hope all of you would have known this place much better than me. The duration of the test is 1 hour 30 minutes. They asked questions based on aptitude skills, logical reasoning, that's what I could remember. I did my exam well and I got a call from NIIT parrys on september 23rd that I have got 'Z' scholarship in BJS exam. The 'Z' scholarship is for top 500 students in BJS exam. When you get a 'Z' scholarship you can get 100% percent fee waiver for doing courses at NIIT. I have chosen ANIIT program. Hope you could get your fee waiver next time, so enroll yourself for next BJS exam.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TIps for BPO interview - Tech Support

It's quite boring sitting in home for a long time, so I just want to go to a Tech Support Interview in BPO. Got reference through my friend and went there on monday. I don't want to mention the name of the BPO. Just went there to get some experience on BPO interviews. I just want to attend for Tech Support because my friend's told me that I could get some good questions to answer. Most of the people who came for the interview with me were doing their CCNA course. The questions were based on these topics,
Routers and switches, IP address, MAC address, PING command, OSI layers and functions of each layers, SCSI, DNS server, MODEM and Firewall. That's what i remember, so if you are attending for Tech support interview in any BPO prepare in hardware and networking concepts that will surely help you. Please put your aggregate below 75 or even below 70, because i got rejected for my aggregate only. So please be careful in putting marks in your resume, because every BPO HR will see your longevity of service for the company then your talent. They know that a person with good aggregate will not be in work for more than three months and BE graduates are their last choice while selection.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Deferring DOJ

It's been a long time, i am still waiting for my company to call me for training. I got placed in my 3rd year and passed out from my college with lots of hope to have a better career. Well all my dreams are still being as a dream because of the IT companies deferring the Date of Joining of the candidates. Because of the offer i couldn't even make any decision further for my further studies. Where ever i attend interviews they were just looking for the experienced candidates not the freshers. It's like that there is always hanging an invisible 'no vacancy' board for the freshers in every offices. The only thing that makes me confident still is my hope that my company would call me in future within months. It's not the hope of a single person but a hopes of students who have got placed in IT firms awaiting for their call letters. Hope we all would get answers for our questions.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bhavishya Jyothi Scholarship exam on september 21st

A lot of colorful banners and posters on the roadside, pasted over the EB post, compound walls and, banners that were hanging in the trees and telephone pillars. The contrasting colors of the banners and posters caught my attention and I started reading at it. All these displayed the common message about the Bhavishya Jyothi Scholarship exam conducted by NIIT center. I had already been in NIIT during my second year of my graduation doing my Core Java course, and I completed it successfully and got the certificate from NIIT. Some of my juniors attended this examination and got scholarship for joining J2EE course and benefited a lot. If you want to do a course in NIIT then enroll yourself for this exam and get discount for your courses. The last date to register for the test is September 20th and the cost for registering for the test is Rs.100.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's time to decide your final year project

Are you a final year engineering students in your 7th semester. I hope that your department would have asked you to submit your project ideas, well only a few students might have been submitted while the remaining others might have not considered this one seriously. Most of the students have the intention of getting the project from project centers like pantech, adithya and blue chip etc, i can't change your attitude if you don't have a passion to do your project of your own. However even if you are getting projects done through a project center you must hurry because as you pass on days, the amount for every project will increase. Also while selecting the projects please select a project in which you have a little bit of idea. I have seen some of my juniors selecting projects in VLSI not knowing anything about it, they were just coaxed by the project centers. So it's my kind of advice to be careful before selecting any project, please see to that you know something about the project you are going to do so that you can manage well in the reviews. It's time for you guys to decide on your projects.

Training centers plays with us

If you have uploaded your resume in any job portals then beware of training centers which calls you. They will make a phone call to you and ask you to tell about yourself just like a BPO interview. They will tell you that we require trainees for hardware or software you have cleared the phone interview and attend the next round. Please don't believe these people their only intention is to make you enroll in the course for money. They will keep all the interview process just to boost up that entering the training is so much tough. But they are just deceiving you so beware. Even if you are not clearing the first round they will tell you were selected and there is only limited amount of seats so enroll today. If you see any of these companies just kick their ass and come back!! I have went for a lot of these companies but i don't want to mention there names here. So if any person calls you for an interview ask them their company name and search for the details in the Internet and then go. Don't waste your money and energy believing their seducing words.

Have you heard of AU PERS center

Hi recently we have seen many embedded training centers in chennai. Their is a short term embedded training course conducted in anna university for every three months. The name of the center in anna university that conducts the course is AU PERS center. They told me that the certification is valued a lot when you search for jobs in core companies and assured me of 100 percent teaching satisfaction then any other training center in chennai. The professors from anna university and IIT will be taking the classes in the evening from 6 t0 8. You can do the practical work anytime in weekdays, it is holiday on weekends. But the course fee is too much in a government institute, wonder how much it is?? Rs.30,000. And their is no assurance in placement but they told me that they will assist. This month a new batch is starting from september 26th and you have to register for the course by paying Rs.2500 and maximum number of students in the batch is only 10. So if you have any idea then just go to anna university, ask for the place AU PERS center, you may find it out. Otherwise ask for center of ocean technology or center of water resources because the AUPERS center is near to that and you will find it easily. There is also another course on content writing, sorry i don't have much information about that course.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

About UTL technologies

Hi friends I have already informed you about the embedded centers in Chennai. I visited some of the centers and talked with the passed out students who have completed the course, I want to discuss with you my experience with them.

First I went to UTL Technologies. There are actually two courses on embedded systems a certification course and a diploma course. The certification course is for about two months and there is only normal track and no fast track for certification course and the fee for this course is Rs.17, 000. For the diploma course in embedded system the duration of the course is four months in normal track but there is fast track so that you can complete the course within two months. The fee for fast track is Rs.30, 000 if you pay full single down payment. There are actually four modules and the certification course will cover only the first tow modules whereas the diploma course will cover full four modules. The infrastructure looks poor in Chennai. I talked with two students there, one person is from SKR engineering college and he has joined the course only a week before and C language classes are going for him. He told me that the coaching was good regarding C language but no idea about other modules. Then I called one passed out batch students, he told me that he got placed through UTL technologies in Midas communication technologies and he worked very hard to get a placement. The teaching is average but you have to work hard to get placement, he told me like this.

PGDEVD course at CDAC Noida

Hi last month i attended the entrance examination for joining the course PGDEVD - Post Graduate Diploma In Embedded system and VLSI design. The course is only offered by CDAC Noida and not in any other CDAC centers. The duration of the course is 6 months and we have to complete a project at the completion of the course. The syllabus for entrance examination includes c programming, digital electronics, some aptitude questions and some questions on microcroprocessor, the books which i referred are given below
  • 'Let us C' by Yashwant Kanetkar
  • 'Digital Design' by Morris Mano
  • 'Quantitative Aptitude' by R.S.Agarwal
I got selected for CDAC Noida but i dropped my plan to go there because i was not able to get positive opinions from students who did their course from there. However it is good to do a course in CDAC centers and i am now feeling sad that i didn't joined the course in CDAC Noida. Just decide yourself about your future don't make any decisions from others opinions. It will surely lead you in the wrong way. I have experienced it myself.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to get into CDAC

Hi CDAC - Centre for Development and Advanced Computing is a government organization that offers short term courses on Embedded system. Their are also other courses offered in CDAC centres in India. Please see the website for more details about the course syllabus. The famous courses offered by CDAC centres are

DESD - Diploma in Embedded System Design
DSSD - Diploma in System Software Development
DABC - Diploma in Advanced Business Computing

For joining these courses they conduct a common entrance test (CET) throughout India and you have to take the test. At the time of filling up the application form you must select three centres where you wish to study. Based on your marks they will allocate you to the centres that you specified based on the priority. CDAC Hyderabad and CDAC Pune are the best centres to study. Prepare well and do well.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

About Embedded Training Centers in India

Hi guys i am going to discuss with you about the embedded training centers located in India. Some of the best training centers in India are CDAC, Vector Hyderabad, UTL technologies, MIT, emblitz, Cranes Banglore, Oasis, DOEACC.

The best among this that i would refer you to join is CDAC because the infrastructure facility in CDAC is the best and it is a government institute coming under the control of Ministry of Communication and IT. To join an embedded course named 'DESD' you have a written test conducted throughout India and based on your marks you can get a place in CDAC center anywhere in India.

About UTL technologies they are telling that they have a written test but in chennai they are admitting people without any written test.

About Cranes i heard that the coaching is good and they will be concentrating much in C Programming skills. The cost of the course here is more. But they are bringing MNC's for placement so you can get a good pay if you get selected in any one one of them.

Sorry i don't have much information about other centers if you have any doubts you can contact to my mail

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Introduction to Photodiodes

What is a Photodiode?
A photodiode is a type of photo detector capable of converting light into either current or voltage, depending upon the mode of operation.
Detailed view about photodiode
Photodiodes are similar to regular semiconductor diodes except that they may be either exposed (to detect vacuum UV or X-rays) or packaged with a window or optical fiber connection to allow light to reach the sensitive part of the device. Many diodes designed for use specifically as a photodiode will also use a PIN junction rather than the typical junction. Photo diodes are semi conductor devices responsive to high energy particles and photons. Photodiodes operate by absorption of charged particles and generate a flow of current in an external circuit, proportional to the incident power. Photodiodes can be used to detect the presence or absence of minute quantities of light and can be calibrated for extremely accurate measurements from intensities below 1pW/cm2.

Applications of Photodiodes
Photodiodes are utilized in such diverse application such as spectroscopy, photography, analytical instrumentation, optical position sensors, beam alignment, surface characterization, laser range finders, optical communications and medical imaging instruments.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Optocouplers in detail

What is present inside an optocoupler?
Optocoupler typically come in a small 6-pin or 8-pin IC package, but are essentially a combination of two distinct devices: an optical transmitter, typically a gallium arsenide LED (light-emitting diode) and an optical receiver such as a phototransistor or light-triggered diac. The two are separated by a transparent barrier which blocks any electrical current flow between the two, but does allow the passage of light. The basic idea is shown in the figure below, along with the usual circuit symbol for an opto coupler.
Physical seperation
Usually the electrical connections to the LED section are brought out to the pins on one side of the package and those for the phototransistor or diac to the other side , to physically separate them as much as possible. This usually allows optocoupler to withstand voltages of anywhere between 500V and 7500V between input and output.

Signals that are given as input
Optocoupler are essentially digital or switching devices, so they’re best for transferring either on-off control signals or digital data. Analog signals can be transferred by means of frequency or pulse-width modulation.

How it works?
A common implementation involves a LED and a phototransistor, separated so that light may travel across a barrier but electrical current may not. When an electrical signal is applied to the input of the opto-isolator, its LED lights, its light sensor then activates, and a corresponding electrical signal is generated at the output. Unlike a transformer, the opto-isolator allows for DC coupling and generally provides significant protection from serious over voltage conditions in one circuit affecting the other.

With a photodiode as the detector, the output current is proportional to the amount of incident light supplied by the emitter. The diode can be used in a photovoltaic mode or a photoconductive mode.