Friday, September 26, 2008

Frustration at HP

Yesterday I got a call from Pelatis Consultancy, they asked to tell me about myself. I thought that it was a BPO and just answered them. But after sometime they asked me about my academic marks, I started to doubt because no BPO is going to ask for marks. Then I asked them, for 'which BPO I am going to attend the Interview?' They told me that there is openings in HP, but didn't told me anything about the post for which the interview is conducted. They sent me a mail and asked me to be in Olympia Technology Park by 10AM with the print out of the mail. In the mail the name of the contact person was also mentioned. I thought that the opening is for technical post so started 8AM from my home and after overcoming the traffic I went there to Olympia Technology Park at 10.10AM. There was a long queue extending from the reception counter. I stood in the queue waiting for my chance to submit my resume and attend the interview. It took about an hour to reach the reception counter, but I was happy since I have reached near to the reception counter and was eager to give my resume. But then came the problem, the security guard asked the freshers to hand over the resume and leave the place and told that they would look at the resume and call us afterwards. I just got totally frustrated, because after waiting for a long time I couldn't tolerate his announcement. I just cant fight with him alone, so gave my resume to the security guard like others and moved out from HP office. The day was a total disappointment for me. Hope they will not do such activities in future, if they think from my point of view. A company will learn a good reputation only by respecting others not by commanding others.

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