Monday, September 29, 2008

Interview at Visteon

It was a nice day to be there in Olympia Technology Park. I was there to attend the first round for Visteon Technical services on Saturday. Being a core job I was eagerly waiting for the written test. The written test was for an hour and I did well and got short listed for the next round. The next round is Group Discussion, I was in the first batch and I did well in GD. The topic was 'Whom will your support? Tata Nano or Land return to farmers'. I spoke on both sides and the Group Discussion went for 20 minutes and during the last five minutes the HR asked anyone to summarize. I tried to summarize but not able to do it, another person took the chance and I don't want to interrupt him. At last they asked me to wait at the reception for the GD results. Then after 20 minutes one person came out the announced the result, out of 10 persons 4 got selected and I was happy to be one among them. Then they asked me to attend the Technical HR round on Monday at 3PM. I did well in the Technical HR round, told them about my projects and we had a good chat session, both the persons who interviewed me were great, they asked me to be free not to be tensed and it boosted my confidence. The interview was over and I was waiting at the reception for the results. They told me that they will announce the results within a day or two, hope I get selected in Visteon to continue my passion towards electronics.

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Sankar said...

Hi Ganesh,
This is Sankar. I too have managed to appear for the interview.And have done quite well.. My interview got over only yesterday(tue). The HR asked us to leave and assured that he'll call all of us today(Wed) and inform the result. I am keepin my fingers crossed. No call as yet. If you receive any, please inform me. My number- 9940289063.