Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emergency Announcement System In Hospital Using Wireless Technology

The above topic is the name of our project which we did for AU PERS center. Here is a brief detail on our project "Emergency Announcement System In Hospital Using Wireless Technology"

The advancement in technology had favored many fields. The Emergency announcement systems present in the hospitals nowadays, are not implemented real time and any crucial data is transmitted through wired means. There is a probability for the crucial data to get lost, by not reaching the right person at the right time. Our system is designed to overcome these drawbacks by transmitting the data obtained from sensors to the respected persons through wireless means. Sensors are provided to measure the physical values e.g. Saline level, heart beat, etc. The outputs from these sensors are fed to the microcontroller which is monitoring continuously. When abnormal input conditions were sensed by the microcontroller, it transmits respective message to the intended person immediately through wireless medium. The entire system is designed to provide a cost effective solution to save the life of people in need.

More details on my next post.....

NOTE: AU PERS center has been shutted down last year