Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rounds in Visteon

If you are a ECE, EEE or EIE then you can have a good career at Visteon. There are three rounds in Visteon. The first round is written test. There will be 40 questions and you have to answer them within 1 hour. The questions will be from microprocessor, basics in electronics and digital electronics. You have to mark the answers in an OMR like sheet, shading the correct options. You can strike out and mark the correct answer so don't get tensed if you have marked wrongly. The time will be enough for the first round. No negative marks so answer every questions. The second round is Group Discussion, I hope you know much details about it. The final round is HR and you will be asked only in technical side by the HR. So be well prepared about your projects, microcontroller, etc.

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sabarish said...

can you tell me the current pattern of written test??? will it be C programming or micro-processors??