Thursday, September 18, 2008

Have you heard of AU PERS center

Hi recently we have seen many embedded training centers in chennai. Their is a short term embedded training course conducted in anna university for every three months. The name of the center in anna university that conducts the course is AU PERS center. They told me that the certification is valued a lot when you search for jobs in core companies and assured me of 100 percent teaching satisfaction then any other training center in chennai. The professors from anna university and IIT will be taking the classes in the evening from 6 t0 8. You can do the practical work anytime in weekdays, it is holiday on weekends. But the course fee is too much in a government institute, wonder how much it is?? Rs.30,000. And their is no assurance in placement but they told me that they will assist. This month a new batch is starting from september 26th and you have to register for the course by paying Rs.2500 and maximum number of students in the batch is only 10. So if you have any idea then just go to anna university, ask for the place AU PERS center, you may find it out. Otherwise ask for center of ocean technology or center of water resources because the AUPERS center is near to that and you will find it easily. There is also another course on content writing, sorry i don't have much information about that course.

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Surya said...

Very nice of you!!

your blog is good and informative. my search for AU-PERS brought me here.

Thnx much.