Monday, September 29, 2008

Oscillator modes in PIC microcontroller

Handling oscillators while using PIC microcontroller may be simple but improper usage may lead to improper execution of the program. There are 4 oscillator modes in PIC microcontroller they are
  • HS (High Speed) - greater than 4Mhz
  • XT (Standard Crystal) - 1Mhz to 4Mhz
  • LP (Low Power) - upto 200Khz, commonly used for 32.768Khz for real time clock
  • RC (External RC) - an external resistor or capacitor is used
There are also other modes like IntRC (Internal RC) and ER (External Resistor)
If you are using IntRC mode than you can use an additional port as I/O, this is very much useful in 8 pin PIC microcontrollers.

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