Saturday, September 27, 2008

My first day in AU PERS center

I hope that you know about AU PERS center in Anna University. If you are hearing this for the first time just look at my previous post on AU PERS center. They asked me to be their at 6PM for the classes. I with my friend shiva kumar arrived at the center by 5.45PM hoping that the classes would begin at 6PM. We paid Rs.12,500 and got our receipt and hurried to the class, thinking that we would be late. But we were wrong, we waited for other students to come there and settle down.Then by 6.30PM the classes started. The first class was on C programming. The staff took the basics well. He taught us basics and my friend got frustrated hearing the same basics in C programming from his 8th standard. He was always looking at his watch to see when the clock ticked 8PM. Then at last the class was over, I had a nice day and returned home by 10.30PM.

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