Saturday, September 13, 2008

About UTL technologies

Hi friends I have already informed you about the embedded centers in Chennai. I visited some of the centers and talked with the passed out students who have completed the course, I want to discuss with you my experience with them.

First I went to UTL Technologies. There are actually two courses on embedded systems a certification course and a diploma course. The certification course is for about two months and there is only normal track and no fast track for certification course and the fee for this course is Rs.17, 000. For the diploma course in embedded system the duration of the course is four months in normal track but there is fast track so that you can complete the course within two months. The fee for fast track is Rs.30, 000 if you pay full single down payment. There are actually four modules and the certification course will cover only the first tow modules whereas the diploma course will cover full four modules. The infrastructure looks poor in Chennai. I talked with two students there, one person is from SKR engineering college and he has joined the course only a week before and C language classes are going for him. He told me that the coaching was good regarding C language but no idea about other modules. Then I called one passed out batch students, he told me that he got placed through UTL technologies in Midas communication technologies and he worked very hard to get a placement. The teaching is average but you have to work hard to get placement, he told me like this.

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