Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's time to decide your final year project

Are you a final year engineering students in your 7th semester. I hope that your department would have asked you to submit your project ideas, well only a few students might have been submitted while the remaining others might have not considered this one seriously. Most of the students have the intention of getting the project from project centers like pantech, adithya and blue chip etc, i can't change your attitude if you don't have a passion to do your project of your own. However even if you are getting projects done through a project center you must hurry because as you pass on days, the amount for every project will increase. Also while selecting the projects please select a project in which you have a little bit of idea. I have seen some of my juniors selecting projects in VLSI not knowing anything about it, they were just coaxed by the project centers. So it's my kind of advice to be careful before selecting any project, please see to that you know something about the project you are going to do so that you can manage well in the reviews. It's time for you guys to decide on your projects.


woofer said...

Hi !!! is it wrong in getting our project done in a project center.. because i don't know anything about codings and programs... Ya.. Ya.. i know i wasted my 3 years of engg, but the thing is i am from a electronic background where i completed my diploma in ECE, so i thought it would be better to do it in a center.

Mubarak said...


This is mubarak working in SIENPROS Semiconductors, Coimbarore.I am also doing final year ME/BE Projects in VLSI. Currently am having latest IEEE(2007 & 2008) finished projects with good results. I can guide in all aspects, from selecting project upto demo


Senior Design Engineer
SIENPROS Semiconductors

raj said...

mr mubarak,
i'm doin my final year in one of the college around coimbatore. i want to do my project in vlsi (real time).can u give me some idea
my mail id is

arumugam said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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