Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to get into CDAC

Hi CDAC - Centre for Development and Advanced Computing is a government organization that offers short term courses on Embedded system. Their are also other courses offered in CDAC centres in India. Please see the website for more details about the course syllabus. The famous courses offered by CDAC centres are

DESD - Diploma in Embedded System Design
DSSD - Diploma in System Software Development
DABC - Diploma in Advanced Business Computing

For joining these courses they conduct a common entrance test (CET) throughout India and you have to take the test. At the time of filling up the application form you must select three centres where you wish to study. Based on your marks they will allocate you to the centres that you specified based on the priority. CDAC Hyderabad and CDAC Pune are the best centres to study. Prepare well and do well.


santhosh narayanan said...

thanks dude .. in fact i was looking for that info about CDAC

sp said...

Do you know where can I make preparation for CET taken by CDAC?
Or Is there any publication OR any training institute??