Friday, September 19, 2008

Bhavishya Jyothi Scholarship exam on september 21st

A lot of colorful banners and posters on the roadside, pasted over the EB post, compound walls and, banners that were hanging in the trees and telephone pillars. The contrasting colors of the banners and posters caught my attention and I started reading at it. All these displayed the common message about the Bhavishya Jyothi Scholarship exam conducted by NIIT center. I had already been in NIIT during my second year of my graduation doing my Core Java course, and I completed it successfully and got the certificate from NIIT. Some of my juniors attended this examination and got scholarship for joining J2EE course and benefited a lot. If you want to do a course in NIIT then enroll yourself for this exam and get discount for your courses. The last date to register for the test is September 20th and the cost for registering for the test is Rs.100.

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