Saturday, September 6, 2008

About Embedded Training Centers in India

Hi guys i am going to discuss with you about the embedded training centers located in India. Some of the best training centers in India are CDAC, Vector Hyderabad, UTL technologies, MIT, emblitz, Cranes Banglore, Oasis, DOEACC.

The best among this that i would refer you to join is CDAC because the infrastructure facility in CDAC is the best and it is a government institute coming under the control of Ministry of Communication and IT. To join an embedded course named 'DESD' you have a written test conducted throughout India and based on your marks you can get a place in CDAC center anywhere in India.

About UTL technologies they are telling that they have a written test but in chennai they are admitting people without any written test.

About Cranes i heard that the coaching is good and they will be concentrating much in C Programming skills. The cost of the course here is more. But they are bringing MNC's for placement so you can get a good pay if you get selected in any one one of them.

Sorry i don't have much information about other centers if you have any doubts you can contact to my mail


Shirazi said...

I am here and am amazed. Nice one.

ganesh said...

Thanks for your comment

swetha said...

how about embedded training in eilabz and kiona software?

Rajesh said...

That was informative.
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Deepak Chauhan said...

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