Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My WaterBot drowned in Water

It was during my third year I participated in the 'Water Loo' event at Saveetha Engineering College. I and my team mate had controversy over the design of our robot because he designed a large one using Wood as shown below.

This was the first robot which we completed before time which was quite unusual to us. Then we went to the college, the day before the event for practice. But our robot started to get drown as the wood absorbed water. So the design was an entire flop and all our hard work went in vain. But we never wanted to give up, and then we designed a robot with thermocole basement so that it can float well in water. We worked the whole day without sleeping and finally completed our design. The day came for the event and we didn't even have a practice match. Who ever pushes maximum number of balls into the goal post wins the game, but unfortunately because of latch up problem our robot got drowned and all the circuits got collapsed. Our team got totally frustrated and didn't no what to do. Then finally with the help of a long stick we got our robot back, but the entire circuit got short circuited. It was the worst day and we came back sad. Here is the photo of our drowned robot.You can also see the video of the robot which took the first prize, the robot had a good simple design and turned perfectly in every directions.

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Deepz said...

how was this thing being controlled