Sunday, October 5, 2008

Get Together

It was a long time after my college days, So we planned for a get together at marina beach while chatting online. One among my friends took the responsibility of deciding the timing and told us that he would message me. Later after two days I got a call from my friend and he asked me to come to marina beach on saturday at 5PM. I was ready on that day and was at marina beach at 4.45PM itself but I couldn't find out the exact meeting place, So It took me some time to reach the correct place. I was hoping to see all of my friends when I was near to the spot, but unfortunately one nine persons were there. I thought that our friendship circle was too strong but only some think like me and they came for the get together. Others just told that they had some work with their jobs and so they can't come but all these seems to be blank reasons. I never thought even my close friends in my college would tell me the same reasons. Anyway I realized that everything would change as days passes by.

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