Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About 8085 simulator's

If you are a college student in your third year then you can realize how important 'Microprocessor and its Applications' subject is. If you attend any technical HR interview then there is sure questions from this subject. For this subject practical knowledge is much more important than theory knowledge. Learning 8085 microprocessor well forms a good base for learning other microprocessors and microcontrollers. So you should try to learn the instruction set and work with Assembly Language Programming of 8085. Even though you may not have a 8085 kit with you but you can download free 8085 simulators that are available in Internet and go on with writing ALP and executing them. These simulators will surely help you to gain good knowledge in 8085 microprocessor. If you get microprocessor book of Goankar then you will be getting free CD with simulator and you can even get the simulator if you get Bhakshi. Well you can have a good knowledge only if you have interest towards learning it. So create your interest towards microprocessor 8085 and it will surely help you in future while attending interviews.

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