Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The best book for C Programming

C Programming is a strong high level language invented by Dennis Ritche. It forms the base for many programming languages. Where ever you go for an interview they will test your C Programming skills and if you are strong in C then you get a job for sure. Because C being the base to learn other programming languages. Learning C is basic like learning ABC in your primary classes. Well C is that much powerful and the best book for learning C language is Let Us C by Yashvant Kanethkar. There are also other books on C written by the same author and you can get it to have a through knowledge in C Programming. The book is simple and easy to learn and there is lot of practical examples. If you are mastering the book Let Us C then you can be sure in clearing the written test for any interview which has C language. In Embedded systems also C Language forms a basic part, because most of us use Embedded C language to program the microcontrollers and ALP and BASIC are out of use. Even if you join in any Embedded Training Centers then the first module will be C Programming, so if you are a beginner please concentrate in C Programming well. Practical knowledge matters more than theoretical one.

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