Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hurray got into Visteon!!

Hi guys I have already posted about my experience in Visteon interview process. Well I told you that I am waiting for my results and I got my results last week. I was happy to hear that I have been selected for Visteon. Now I am happy since I have got into my core field-electronics which I like the most and all my hard work has been credited. I can now quit my IT job and get into my core field and work with full satisfaction. However I am going to miss my friends. I have to miss my NIIT classes, loose my SCJP voucher. Anyway if we want to get something better we have to loose another one that's become true in my case. Hope that I will enjoy my work at Visteon.

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Deepika said...

Hey can u tell me as what type of questions were asked in the written test...