Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 3 at AU PERS center

The government holidays are affecting my embedded system course at Anna University. I think that this October month is having a lot of government holidays that any other month. Even though I had joined the course at September, but because of these holidays I have completed only 3 classes at Anna University. Well the classes are going on well and my staff is concentrating much on practical knowledge apart from teaching theory well. He has completed till arrays and still there are pointers, functions, structures and unions, files and lots more to go. On day 3 he completed with single dimensional array but when he started with pre increment and post increment operators the classes deviated from arrays and he started to fully explain about those operators with practical examples. Then we came back and the class and it took additionally 20 minutes to get over but it was an interesting session. All the programs were like puzzles and I was wrong with most of my answers but at last understood to an extent. Hope when you take up any C programming classes you can be sure of getting into situations like these so don’t miss any classes.

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