Friday, August 1, 2008

Use your keyboard keys to control the cursor

Sometimes your mouse may not respond properly and you cannot control your cursor movement. During such situation you can use your keyboard keys to control your cursor movement. You have to follow the simple steps below to do it.

First go to control panel and select the accessibility options. From the accessibility options window select the mouse tab as shown below.

Then check the use mouse keys option and click apply button as shown below. That’s it you can now control your cursor using the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

You can change your cursor’s top speed and acceleration from the settings for Mouse keys window as shown below. You can obtain this by clicking the settings button in the accessibility options window.

Some shortcut keys:

Alt+ left shift+ Num lock will open the accessibility window

After enabling the use mouse keys you can use ‘+’ to double click and ‘5’ to right click

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Zombie Money said...

thanks for the tip :)

Cool blog!

molly said...

I will try because my finger for the left click is now have problem. Thank for the tip.

molly said...

+ key work ok, but '5' key is not functioning.

ganesh said...

i will check whether is '5' key is working or not..

Kathi Kuthu Karthik said...

5 key works fine for me