Friday, August 8, 2008

Transistors Vs Vaccum Tubes

Hi we all would have heard about transistors and vaccum tubes. The vaccum tubes are the predecessors and let us see the advantages of transistors over the vaccum tubes.
  • small size and minimal weight, allowing the development of miniaturised electronic devices.
  • highly automated manufacturing process, resulting in low per-unit cost.
  • lower possible operating voltages, making transistors suitable for small, battery powered applications.
  • no warm-up period required after power application.
  • lower power dissipation and generally greater energy efficiency.
  • higher reliability and greater physical ruggedness.
  • extremely long life. some transistorised devices produces more than 30 years ago are still in service.
  • complementary devices available, facilitating the design of complementary-symmetry circuits-something not possible with vaccum tubes.
  • though in most transistors the junctions have different doping levels and geometry, some allow bidirectional current.
  • ability to control very large currents , as much as several hundred amperes.
  • insensitivity to mechanical shock and vibration, thus avoiding the problem of microphonics in audio applications.
  • more sensitive that hot and macroscopic tubes.

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