Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Power Tampering Module

The block diagram of the complete power tampering module is shown above. please refer to the previous post to know about the project 'Embedded Based Power Tampering Detection and Automatic Meter Reading System Using GSM'. We will discuss the details of each and every module seperately.

When tampering is detected, the information of the detection is sent to the micro controller. A program to this effect is written using embedded C and it is stored inside the ATMEL AT895C1 micro controller. For example, when a magnet is bought in the proximity of the electricity meter, the reed switch is affected and thus magnetic tampering is identified. Once this is done, the micro controller makes sure that a message “ MAGNETIC TAMPERING “ is displayed on the LCD.

This message is then passed on to the electricity board by use of the GSM technology. The buffer is used for temporary storage of the data.

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