Sunday, August 31, 2008

Automatic Meter Reading(AMR)

The automatic meter reading is one of the part of the project 'Embedded based power tampering detection and automatic meter reading using GSM'. Please refer to the previous post about tampering techniques and circuits used for detecting them.

What is the Drawbacks of manual reading?
The automatic metering system is designed to make the prevailing electricity billing system simpler and efficient. The conventional metering system is done manually. An employee of the Electricity Board will be coming to take the reading and enter in the card. There are more chances of manual error, delay in processing, tampering of the meter and misusage of the Electricity by other sources. It requires so many workers, one set of workers to note down the reading and other set to cut the power if the payment is not paid at the right time and we have very poor servicing.

How we can rectify it?
Instead of utilizing man power in billing system, we can automate the system and the man power can be utilized to provide quality service.

In the Automatic System designed, the units consumed are measured at the consumer side and is transmitted to the Electricity Board side where the amount equivalent is calculated and transmitted back to the consumer module. The monetary values are displayed both at the consumer module and electricity board side.

How does it work?
The project uses the ATMEL AT89C51 microcontroller for communication with the GSM modem.The AMR system uses the electro optical interface for converting meter dials into digital form. The AMR system starts at the meter. Some means of translating readings from rotating meter dials, or cyclometer style meter dials, into digital form is necessary in order to send digital metering data from the customer site to a central point with the use of electro optical interface. The data from the meter is stored in the microcontroller and the each rotation of the disc is calculated with this optical interface method.

The data from the microcontroller is fed to the GSM modem in a periodical basis say once in every week. The units transferred to the Electricity board are manipulated and the bill is sent to the customer site via the same GSM. Along with the bill, the due date for the payment of bill can also be transmitted.


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