Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tampering Techniques

The three significant and common techniques of tampering the electricity meter are discussed below.


As quoted, an electricity meter contains a voltage coil and a current coil. Both these coils should be properly energized for ensuring the rotation of disk. In this type of tampering, the neutral wire from the voltage coil is removed. When this is done, the rotation of the disk is hampered and it stops rotating, which in turn stops the rotation of the electricity meter. Hence irrespective of the amounts of power consumed, there is no account of the units consumed.


In this type of tampering, the polarities,neutral and phase are reversed. When this tampering is done, the rotor disk, instead of flowing in the forward direction tends to rotate in the reverse direction and hence, the units of power measured moves in the reverse direction. In other words, the readings decrease, rather than increasing. Hence the units are manipulated and they display erroneous meter reading or low meter reading, than the actual amount of power consumed.


When a magnet of sufficient strength is brought near the electricity meter, the field opposing the rotation of the aluminium rotor disc increases thus making the rotor disc run in slow pace or stop either. This type of approach to make the electricity meter malfunction by means of placing a magnet near the meter is Magnetic Tampering.

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