Monday, April 28, 2008

about cheniston serial input software

The cheniston serial input software is used to control the movement of cursor in PC by giving serial input through the serial port. Serial Input is a windows based application to enable keyboard and mouse input via alternative input devices. It works by taking input from your device(via a serial port), and translating the received data into keyboard and mouse input for windows operating systems.

Serial Input uses the almost universal capability of alternative input devices to send ASCII characters to the machine they are connected to. This basically means that when Serial Input is running it waits for characters to hit the connected serial port, and then translated those into an appropriate input message.

Many ASCII characters are exactly what the user would wish to represent on the computer, for instance 'abc' would be interpreted by Serial Input and 'abc' would be sent to the keyboard buffer for processing by whichever application the user happens to be running - eg: a word processor. In order to cater for mouse input a default set of 'high-end' ASCII characters were initially chosen to represent 8 compass points(N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) and 'STOP'.

Mouse movement works with the premise that one character is sent to move the mouse in a particular direction and subsequent characters are sent to redirect or stop the mouse. Left and Right mouse buttons, with single and double click values are also supported. The increment in X direction and Y direction can also be changed. The movement delay of the cursor can also be changed by clicking the advanced button in mouse tab.

The ASCII character mapping is given below

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