Saturday, April 12, 2008


The problem of handling materials in an industry must be done in an efficient way. Present system for handling materials in industry uses conveyor belts to displace the object from one place to another. The conveyor belt system occupies large amount of space even when there is no load to be transported and can accept load from a particular source and deliver it to a particular destination point. In this project we present a simple ‘Vehicle Navigation Using PIC Microcontroller’ were we replace the conveyor belt system with a line follower robot which can handle the materials in an industry. Thus the large amount of space occupied by the conveyor belt system can be avoided.

The navigation system can load the materials from different sources and can deliver it to respective destination points, which is restricted in the case of conveyor belt system. The line follower robot is a self operating robot which follows a line that is drawn on the floor. The path between the source and destination points can be changed easily by just modifying the line. Thus the system is simple and cost effective than conveyor belt system when there is a change in path. The navigation system can even sense any obstacles in its path and can take an alternate path to reach the destination.

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