Saturday, April 26, 2008

about microbrn

microbrn is a software from ozitronics which is used for burning the hex code in PIC microcontrollers. It is also named as micropro, i used this software for dumping my hex code into PIC. It provides options of setting the fuses while burning the code into PIC, please be careful while setting the fuses, because even if your program works good but improper setting of the fuses will stop it from working properly.

If you are using mikroC then you have the burden of setting fuses sometimes by yourself while dumping the code into PIC, but in case of CCS C compiler their will be no problem because you will be defining the fuses while coding. I have provided the common fuse settings for PIC16F877A below,

A correct COM port value must be given in FILE-->PORT to program the PIC. The COM port value can be found from the DEVICE MANAGER after connecting the USB PIC programmer to your systems USB port. To go to the device manager follow the steps below
  • right click on the my computer icon which appears in the desktop.
  • select properties from the menu that appears.
  • select the hardware tab from the system properties window.
  • click the device manager button which appears in the window.
  • after connecting the USB PIC programmer, check the PORT VALUE by clicking the '+' sign in the ports(COM & LPT) in the device manager window. When proper PORT VALUE is not given, an error message 'There appears to be a problem in accessing the COM port' will be displayed in a window.
you can also verify whether the code has been dumped into PIC or not by selecting the VERIFY button.

click here to download microbrn*

*click on the file named

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