Tuesday, April 22, 2008

about PIC simulator IDE

Its a best simulator software for PIC microcontroller developed by oshonsoft to test your program, just browse and select the hex file which you have obtained after compiling the code, it also provides environment for testing your interfaces like LCD, stepper motor, LED board, and it also provides microcontroller view where you can provide inputs to the INPUT PORT pins and to check the output from the OUTPUT PORT pins.

PIC simulator IDE is powerful application that supplies PIC developers with user-friendly graphical development for windows with integrated simulator(emulator), basic compiler, assembler, disassembler and debugger. PIC simulator IDE currently supports the following microcontrollers from the microchip PICmicro 12F and 16F product lines.

Main features of this simulator includes
  • main simulation interface showing internal microcontroller architecture.
  • FLASH program memory editor, EEPROM data memory editor, hardware stack viewer.
  • microcontroller pinout interface for simulation of digital I/O and analog inputs.
  • variable simulation rate, simulation statistics.
  • breakpoint manager for code debugging with breakpoints support LCD module simulation interface for character LCD modules.
  • graphical LCD module simulation interface for 128x64 graphical LCD modules.
  • stepper motor phase simulation interface for stepper motor driving visualization.
  • 7-segment LED displays simulation interface
The demo software can be used 30 times so dont close the window after opening it until you shutdown your system, however you can obtain the cracked version of PIC simulator IDE from rapidshare. I will provide you the link for downloading the demo version.

click here to download the demo version of PIC simulator IDE

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