Saturday, July 12, 2008

My first blow

It’s true that “Failure is the stepping stone to success”. I have realized it practically when, I first started to build my electronic circuit ‘LED flasher’. I took the circuit from EFY magazine when I was in my 4th semester. It's a simple circuit using LM317 along with some resistors, capacitors, diode and LED. The output was to switch the LED ON and OFF for an interval of 15 seconds. The reason I took the ‘LED flasher’ circuit from EFY was because I was able to identify all the circuit components. After getting the required components from Ritchie street I started giving the circuit connection in my breadboard. After completing my circuit connection I checked the circuit through my multimeter and there was no problem with it. I was excited to switch ON my power supply to check my circuit, and it was time to obtain the fruit for my hard work. When I turned ON my power supply I heard the bursting sound from the circuit, it was the capacitor!! And my LED turned BLACK after glowing brightly. I was just shocked with the result of my connection trying to find out what went wrong. Then I found that I was wrong in connecting the pins of LM317. It was my first blow in my path towards electronics. A little caution could have made me attain the fruit of my hard work. But the incident was helpful to me when I started up with my other circuits. The incident made me to be more cautious when I was building other circuits. I believe that this failure has made me to succeed in my project.

Hope you would have you own blow while starting any process(in any field). Leave a comment regarding your first blow so that others can learn much from you.

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