Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Know the difference between LATCHES and FLIPFLOPS

Most of you would have learned Digital Electronics in your third semester. You may have heard about these memory elements which are used for storing binary information. The latches are nothing but most basic types of flip-flops. But the latches are level sensitive whereas flip-flops are edge sensitive. This is the basic difference between the two. Thus the change of state in a latch will occur even for an active high input (dc level) i.e., the latch will respond to the change in state when the clock pulse is still in logic1 which will lead to undesirable situation. The change of state in a flip-flop occurs only when their is a change in the clock input. Since the state of a memory element must change only there is a change in control input (ac level) we use flip-flops as storage elements in digital circuits instead of latches. I hope that you can know understand the basic difference between latches and flip-flops. The below image shows the clock response in latches and flip-flops. If you know any other differences then please post a comment so that others may know about latches and flip-flops.

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