Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introduction to EMAS-Wi Tech

Hi guys last week we were looking on brief into one of my project "Emergency Announcement System In Hospital Using Wireless Technology" which I have abbreviated as "EMAS-Wi Tech". It is now time to look into it in detail. This post will explain the outline of the project and the components used. Just look at the below block diagram which describes the outline of our project.

In the Transmitter side, The Output from the sensors are continuously monitored by the microcontroller, when the microcontroller senses any abnormal values, it transmits corresponding data through wireless medium with the help of the ZigBee module. On the Receiver side, the wireless data obtained by the ZigBee module is sent to the Microcontroller, The microcontroller then analyses the data obtained from the ZigBee module and triggers corresponding messages signals to the APR module. The APR module playbacks corresponding voice recorded signals according to the message signals obtained from the microcontroller.

P89V51RD2, an 8051 Microcontroller is the Main component at the Transmitter side, which is used to sense the output from the Sensors. The Saline Level is sensed using an LDR sensor unit. XBee PRO is used in the ZigBee module at the Transmitter and Receiver sides. PIC16F877A is used at the Receiver side, which senses the output from the ZigBee module. APR9600 is used to playback recorded voice signals based on the input from the Microcontroller.