Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hectic week approaching...

The rain was troubling me much last month, because of it I had to delay every jobs of mine. I even failed to attend two of my classes at AU PERS center. Those two classes covered array of pointers and structures, It was bad that I missed the classes on array of pointers which was an interesting and tough topic. However I hope I could get my doubts cleared on it. The upcoming week I have one week practicals and I have to complete twenty programs within this week and get it signed from the lab incharge. The twenty programs seems to be pretty tough and time consuming I tried to complete only three and it took me two hours and I spent most of my brain work there, now trying to get some relaxation. Hope that I could complete the programs on time and I also have to prepare for the test after this week on C module. I hope that this week is a hectic one and I have to plan well to face it.

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